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Hier ist der Scan von der Stuttgarter Zeitung:

Indianer in Bielefeld - We fight for your right!

Hier der Bericht in Englisch. An Mona vielen Dank für die Übersetzung:

Articles from the Stuttgart newspaper from the 16.08.2007

*Indians are angry on white men
*Afterwards Powwows in Mannheim and Bielefeld flown back without money in US reserves *

Again the white man has lied to them and has cheated them, say the Elders of several Indian’s Tribes in the USA. The fury is directed this spot on German arrangement managers who have exploited a group of natives supposedly after lying through one´s teeth.

Article written by Wieland Schmid

In Mannheim about 60 men, women and children from the Indian reservations of Oklahoma and Texas have still felt fairly good. During ten days the dancers, singers and musicians have pointed in July to the north people of “Germany-Baden” what North American natives understand by a Powwow, a dance party, and besides, according to their own view her best given. In the meantime, are the Comanche, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Kiowa and Lakota again at home, but they dig up the nowadays hatchet.
” All nations are in bright fury “, says the 52-year-old “Strong Wolf”, the war headman is living in “Heilbronn” and he is part of the “Muskokee Indian Tribes”. ” The German organizers have taken in
my compatriots through one´s teeth. ”

Headman “strong wolf” who was christened in Florida by the name “Larry Nichols” and lives for more than 30 years in Germany, phones daily and constantly indignant tribe elders in the USA which feel cheated once again from the white man. ” We must even fear that German tourists are may be attacked in the tribal areas ” in the US, said Nichols who constantly takes care about what everybody feels as a great “scandal” and “Scam”. We work on this investigation with several trusted people in Germany and several North American Natives who are constant living in Germany.
But also the US Embassy in Germany and the Bielefelder police are already switched on in the case with which it is about unpaid fees and hotel calculations as well as the supposed theft of art-craft objects in the total value of several ten thousand Euros.

In the centre of the growing excitement stand the businessmen “Werner Muellender” and “Willy Beivers” of the Cologne artist’s agency “Serena”. The organizers of the Indian’s festivals in Mannheim and Bielefeld had got between the 13th July and the 5th August, more than six dozen Indians from their reservations and in each case allow to appear during ten days before audience. For every arrangement day the company “Serena” had assured by contract the adults 150 Euros and the children about 75 euros. But “Beivers” has given us only once in a while some Euros “, says “Alan Yeahquo” of the Kiowa Tribes” We have come home without agreed payment. ”

The Bielefelder newspaper “Neue Westfälische” has already reported about ” mighty trouble “.
” The Indians accuse the white man who has got them to Germany to keep from them the agreed
fee “, one says in the contribution which has appeared one day after the return flight of the Indians to the USA. According to a Bielefelder journalist “Willy Beivers” has also admitted openly, but he feels in the right “. The cultural manager wants to settle accounts ” only later finally ” and accuses the Indians on his part, among the rest, they would not have kept to the arranged appearance times and would have tried constantly “to pull a fast one” on him. One of the affected Indians who had come with her two-year-old son to Germany reports about the fear of the whole group to run aground last still in Bielefeld.

During the day when the fee should be paid the German organizers had disappeared. Only after itself the US Embassy had switched on, the company “Serena” paid at least the busses to the Frankfurt airport. From the airport of destination Dallas the deeply disappointed Indians could go on only immediately because a Cherokee headman had organised at the request of Larry Nichol’s penalty for the mostly impecunious “Germany travellers”.
At the end, complains an Indian, ” the dancers and singers have been Slaves who would have worked only for catering and lodging”. Even if the organizers wanted to pay now, they would have ” no address in which account they could send me or my family the money “.

“Werner Muellender” sees this different. “We will regulate this”, promises the manager of the company “Serena” on inquiry of the Stuttgart newspaper. ” We have only kept back onto the money because we do not agree with the demands of the Indians. ” Among the rest, he criticises that 89 flights have been booked, but only 67 Indians have come. In addition, the group has not often kept to the appearance times, singles would sometimes have been absent the whole day. ” But for free days I do not pay “, says “Muellender.”
” I am no Gold-Ass which one can bleed. ” Now the manager ” wants to clear for the moment the time absents “. Then, so he says, ” the people get their money who have well worked. But with some we will have to go harder to the court “.

“Muellender” wants to organise, nevertheless, ” once more such a thing “, but then ” we select to us the people straight “, he explains. However, it is doubtful whether the planned recruitment is successful in Indian reservations. From Heilbronn “Larry Nichols” and his comrades-in-arms have warned not only numerous Tribe Elders in the USA about the white men from Cologne. They also alarmed the society for threatened people, on her Internet page http: // a warning tip


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Eine Antwort zu “Indianer in Bielefeld – Bericht Stuttgarter Zeitung – Serena GmbH

  1. This is a open response to the ill-fated „German Summer Tour of 2007“ of Native American Dancers, Singers, and Artists.
    By Richard Donaghey (Caddo-Delaware)

    First of all, I realize that by writing this response to the German Summer Tour of 07, that I will not make very many friends. But, it is something that has to be said….as many Natives are trying to make it in the world of arts and media.

    I am Richard Donaghey, I own, produce, and direct First Nations Dance Company, we do consider ourselves to be the most successful all-Native owned and operated professional Native dance company in the world. And perhaps this is a good place to begin, and that is to define success in the business world, regardless of race or ethnicity.

    We consider ourselves to be successful because since 1992, FNDC has never failed to meet our payroll obligations to any of our artists. Since 1992 FNDC has performed in the best venues in the world such as Istanbul, Bristol, Amsterdam, Belfast, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, and over a hundred western european cities. Considering we work with major television networks such a Veronica, RTL-4, at one time even ZDF, and others, our viewing audience is close to 1.7 million viewers.

    For over 6 years, until 2002, Bob De Jong a Dutch television producer that we work closely with produced the weekly television series „Western Lifestyle“. This program was about ‚cowboys and indians‘, and FNDC was lucky enough to be a major part of that program. FNDC recieved several minutes each week performing Native dances and doing cultural interviews. Because of this TV program and our work with the annual Western Experience exhibition, FNDC became the most well known Native dance company in Europe. Currently we still work with Bob De Jong Management, and FNDC is currently scheduled to perform at Western Experience 2008, in Den Bosch, Netherlands, during the last weekend in January 2008.

    I laugh sometimes because, I am not very good at getting out press releases in the United States, we win no awards in the arts, we are not even nominated for any, I have dropped most of my memberships in Native organizations because those Native organizations do nothing for us, they are too far behind. We went from keeping a database of over a hundred dancers to about 30 „reliable“ people, and I say with great pride that we have not performed in the United States,Yet…we will not work for peanuts.. And we will not sell out to other parties who think we should work for nothing.

    So, we win no awards for our work..Boo Hoo..O, I am sad…. However, FNDC is a business, we are not some 501 non-profit artsy fartsy organization! We pay taxes on our income, and I pay quarterly estimated taxes just like any other business in America… We are a success in the typical American standard of business.. We make a profit, we are in the black. we always pay our dancers..we have never missed a payroll. I say with great pride as a Native business owner that if an incident occurs and the sponsor dies or something, and say for instance, we cannot get our money immediately.. Then as a Native American producer who understands the financial risks involved…well guess what..because I am the producer..I could gurantee to my performers that within a few days of arriving home, that I would pay their salaries and fees, etc from the FNDC accounts. I can say that and currently, I know of no other Native American producer who can make such a statement? If there is let me know, and I’ll go to work for them!

    It is strange as a note, there are many people nominated for NAMMYs, etc…and they are artists. Straight up, some of thoses artists are broke, they may win awards true, but they are still broke. They are probably so broke that they cannot even afford to go to the NAMMYs..tell me again „What is success“? As a Native producer, I can pay the salaries out of my own pocket if necessary!

    I do understand where Willy Beivers is coming from, as he most certainly did not understand the actions of some Natives. Straight forward, Willy should have hired me, because I can do with 18 people what he thought would take 100 Natives. All of my dancers are into multitasking, they have to dance, sing, be artists, and most importantly they are taught to work with the public.

    So, Willy thought it was strange that some of the so-called performers or artists did not keep to their schedule. Straight-up, there are many Natives who simply do not have the self-discipline to be on time. I feel sorry for Willy in that sense. However, for me as a Native producer, I would simply fire you! No problem, and Yes, after I „Pay You“ what I owe you, I would tell you to make your own way to the airport. As a Native producer who takes an enormous financial risk in such ventures, I have no time or sympathy for such individuals.

    Willy mentioned in a telephone interview that some of the Natives did not show up..Oh Wow, like that is something new in working with Natives. As a Native producer I have to put up with absolute „Numbskulls“ who miss the plane, or did not even bother to apply for a passport..this is very costly! So, if 13 performers out of 100 did not show up, that means that you lost money on those tickets..OK, here is the math, 1 ticket equals 1300.00 USD. X 13 = 16,900 USD. Just think at the end of the German program, it would have been nice to have almost 17,000 dollars to distribute to the dancers. But, that money was wasted by irresponsible Natives, who just did not bother to show up, or were to lazy to communicate to the sponsors of the program that they were not coming. Once again, as a Native producer who takes the risks, and understands those risks, I have „No Time“ for irresponsible Natives who cannot communicate or cannot get a passport. Those people who miss the plane have no excuse, though Natives just like others come up with some pretty good excuses. Currently, those Natives performing in my company must have a passport, and must begin using electronic forms of communication, like e-mail..through e-mail I can send a performer’s airline ticket via e-mail..No problem. Only as a note do I say that this one of the toughest problems in working with Natives. „Real Life Experience“ in all these issues has been a really tough teacher!

    Yeah, Willy made a few mistakes, without advertising you are nowhere. Without major sponsorship, you are nowhere. Without good communications your event is nowhere. It is really too bad because there are over 60 Native American hobbyist clubs in Germany, and the Germans as well as many Europeans love Native Americans and their culture. However, as far as I know to date, no one has been able to communicate in an organized fashion with these clubs. And those clubs are a huge market. Willy like many promoters had a good idea. But, without such an event being operated as a business, then guess what, you are nowhere!

    I personally and professionally think that the performers have basically lost out of their money. It will cost more in lawyers fees then what you may get back…I read in some blog that Willy said..“The performers will get their salaries“..OK..maybe they get paid later on. That would be nice. I know people say they had a contract…yeah, So what! Get Real, if you had an producer like me! I would have the promoters get me a „Letter of Credit“ from their bank. With that letter, I could draw down the performers salaries into a seperate account in a foreign bank…and to make a long story short, all the dancers would have gotten their money. I can tell you this, and it is easy. But, this where Native artists need to begin looking at themselves, and ask a simple question „How successful do you want to be in media and the arts“. And it will not happen if Native artists do not educate themselves about the world of business. You can be the greatest artist in the world. But, no one will know if you don’t learn good advertising and marketing skills. My CPA once told me that the business laws of America are the best and I believe that. But, many Native artists do not take advantage of those laws, perhaps they can’t read? I do not know?

    Understanding culture, is a key ingredient in international business..I know a producer who works in Europe, it is my job. I have over time learned a few foreign languages in the conversational mode, some I read and write such as Dutch, French, Italian, German, and a little bit of Turkish, Arabic, and Russian. It is my job! I read in some blog that the Natives thought they would make a lot of money.. Well I know Western Europeans, as was mentioned by some one from Germany that they (Indians) should not have such high hopes of making grand amounts of money? It all turned out to be too true for the guys and gals that went to Germany.

    When FNDC does shows in various venues, we are allowed to sell audio CDs, and Native arts and crafts. No problem. But, what I tell all my performers is that low priced items sell fast, and high priced items sell slow, or not at all. Though the markets in europe are good and steady year round, many europeans spend their money only after thinking about it two or three times. Items priced between 5-35 euros sell well…Over 50 euros and you may end up taking those items home with you.. There is a market, that market is basically 90% of the 50 euros and below crowd. But remember that is 90% of your market. There is a 10 % of conniesuers of Native arts who will spend 500 euros on up for really fancy Native art. But, that is only 10%. So, this knowledge is free for those people who listen..I learn the culture of my „Clients“ that way I am financially successful. As a note, it makes me laugh that many times it is the Native American that says, „Understand my culture“. Yet, there are those Natives who are unwilling to learn another culture in order to make a better living at whatever they may do! Be it in the arts and media.

    Like I said, we win no awards, and were not nominated for anything. But, Since 1992 First Nations Dance Company has made a home in Western Europe. We have made money in Europe, enough to be fiscally successful, enough to reinvest in my own company and create Donaghey Media, and NDN-TV.COM. Success in other areas such as tourism promotion is just as good. My little company helps to promote the 4-Corners region for tourism, to the tune of 2.7 million in foreign tourism, that is New Mexico alone. These are the dollars that come to the Indian reservations from europe. In the future, with a few more dollars, then Donaghey Media will go into the creation of Native films.

    One of the major reasons for writing this is because without the Europeans, my business would be flat broke. We would have been put out of business. If we depended upon American dollars then we would not exist. I have a tendency to believe that there are a number of other artists who depend greatly upon their income from overseas sources, not just europe. That is because Native Americans are loved around the world.. In this day and age where there is a great deal of anti-americanism, and for some strange reason or rationale Americans are loathed around the world. But, in spite of open hatred of Americans, we the Native people, or Indians are actually loved, admired, and respected by nations throughout the world. And, yes, I exploit that concept to create at least temporary jobs for my performers.

    There have been many incidents over the years where performing arts groups are not paid or do not get what they were supposed to recieve, and that is too bad. Yes, I personally know of events in Holland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Greece, and Russia, where the promoters went „Belly Up“, and I think the dancers were lucky to have a plane ticket back home. But, to me a long time pow-wow dancer, it would not be the first time a pow-wow could not pay out what they advertised as their prize money. I think many dancers can relate to that analogy. When you win at a pow-wow and someone gives you a IOU or „I’ll have the money tomorrow“, of course that money will never be seen! And thats Indians cheating other Indians. Forget the europeans at this point it’s not their fault.

    OK, back to Americans, they are no better in my book. Shows that we have scheduled in the States just have not come to pass for whatever reasons. But, here is a good reason, in my opinion, Americans are full of bull$%^^# ! In our latest escapade with Americans from the International House of the University of Chicago, in association with Kalapriya Dance Company. FNDC was to perform with this other dance company last April. In the long run, the University of Chicago, International House, never had their funding to begin with..we (FNDC) wasted time, money, and resources on a group we thought to be legitimate. I actually flew to Chicago to visit the director of the Kalapriya Dance Company and she was thrilled to have a Native dance company to perform with.. But, alas…No money honey, and 2 months before we supposed to perform, the International House canceled our performance. Work with Americans? Forget that noise! Old white man’s saying: „Money talks and bullshit walks“. Give me all the International work!

    Last April, while other dance groups or troupes send e-mails to producers and directors in Europe. I went to Holland and spoke with my promoters, I laid out what I wanted to do in the future. By doing that, by traveling to Holland and making a few personal visits with my clients. I have guranteed work for my company for the next 5 years. Oh Yeah, and we will get paid. Ask Kevin Connywerdy, he was one of the participants that went on this German Summer Tour of 07. I did speak to him on the phone the other day as I was recruiting him to come back to Holland with us for Western Experience 08. Of course Kevin and his wife Kricket accepted our offer. Kevin knows for sure that this time he will get paid.

    OK, time to say good bye..

    Richard Donaghey

    First Nations Dance Company
    Donaghey Media International

    My web sites need updating..but here they are.

    Bob De Jong and Western Experience B.V. website

    (Please excuse my awful english….)

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